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Who am I?

I was always attracted to the Visual and sound Arts.
After a long experience as an electronic music composer and live performer, I developped a passion for audio-visual arts.

Combining sounds and images and thus my two passions then became a real leitmotiv.
Photos and Videos began to give rhythm to my everyday life. From there editing came quite naturally with the use of software as Final Cut, Photoshop, After-party Effects.

On the personal front, the arrival of my children was a real turning point. How to capture snapshots of life, magic moments, how to keep them, how to look at them easily, how to share them and how to pass them on? This opened up a path which led me to offer you this original service today.

Now, after several years perfecting my art, and in response to the scale of spontaneous requests, I am delighted to be able to share skills with you and offer you real quality service.
I want to make you live your memories again by presenting them in an original, moving, fresh, artistic and stylized way.
I like to think I am a creator of emotions!

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