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Years go by, memories multiply. So do our photos and videos, stored in virtual format, yet we rarely have the time to look at them.
T-VIDEO offers innovative and personalized services. We edit the videos of your family events, weddings, christenings, births, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, all the highlights of your lives, for you to be able to look at them with your family and friends on all your screens. 
Editing will be moving, stylized, musical, rhythmic. enhancing what you shot. It will be a perfect gift for far-flung relatives to share key moments with, have your children look back at forgotten memories, or simply to enjoy time and time again your most cherishes memories. 
T-VIDEO also offers customized photoshop editing. Removal of backgrounds, improvement of a picture, artistic black and white, removal or addition of an object, figure enhancement, restauration of old photographies or integration of loved ones into enchanting worlds, and lots more. Everything’s possible.
The work will be done in line with your personal tastes and budgets. We will be all ears to  make the film of dreams.
For professionnels : 
T-VIDEO helps you in your company communication, with your corporate videos, seminar films, meetings or simply to promote your public image. 
Contact us to tell us all your needs. We will answer quickly and bring you the best solution to optimize your communication.


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